The importance of servicing your car regularly

You go for regular dental checkups, take your pets to routine health exams at the vet’s and have your boiler checked for leaks annually so why not show the same care to your car?

If your vehicle is over 3 years old then you will already be taking it for an annual MOT which will cover some major health indicators of your car and environmental standards required by the Government. MOT’s are valuable but you can get even greater benefits by considering a semi-annual and/or annual service of your car. Unlike a MOT, there is no legal requirement to having your car serviced but the rewards can be incredibly worthwhile. Check with your local garage to find out what they offer in terms of servicing or Groupon have some great deals from Kwik Fit who have locations nationwide that are available for service 6 days a week. Some of the perks of getting a regular service for your vehicle include:


When it comes to motor vehicles, safety is one of the most important factors to consider. Regular services are one of the best ways to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and in good condition. You transport more than just yourself in your car. A safe car means a safe ride for your children, for your partner and for your friends and family that you are invariably suckered into giving lifts to. You are also not alone on the roadways; other road users will be placed in grave danger if your car suddenly suffers from a fault in the middle of the motorway.

Save money

It can sound counter-intuitive to spend money on a service in order to save money but a major benefit of regular servicing is that problems can be identified early giving the chance of for fixes to be implemented that prevent a much costlier repair further down the line.  Unexpected and unneeded surprises can also be avoided by ensuring that basics like oil are kept topped up to prevent any potentially avoidable issues.

Extend the life of your vehicle

With consistent care, your car will run for longer and more efficiently, ideal if you intend to hang onto your car for a long time. Additionally,  a regularly serviced car is also likely to use its petrol more efficiently another potential money saver

Prevent breaking down on the roadside

As we have said previously, regular servicing will go along way to preventing any unexpected surprises in your vehicle which has the knock-on effect of decreasing the chances that your car will unexpectedly sputter to a halt on a roadside somewhere, and even if you have the best roadside assistance known to man there is nothing fun about having to wait in a cold car till rescue arrives.

Up the resale value of the car

There is no shortage of second-hand cars on the market, in order to get the best price for your vehicle you will need to make it stand out from the crowd in some way. Having a recent service of the car plus a provable history of regular services will make your vehicle extremely attractive to potential buyers.

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