Movie Cars

Many a love for cars has started with a silver screen icon, there is nothing quite like finding your Eleanor (to quote Gone in 60 Seconds). Hollywood has provided no shortage of amazing cars to drool over, we have collected our favourite list of cars from famous movies, be sure to add yours in the comments.

Lexus 2054 Concept from Minority Report (2002)

Steven Spielberg drives a Lexus himself and personally requested that Lexus design a car worthy of the futuristic society of the year 2045 where the film is set. enhanced security features, biometric controls and fuel cells all figurd into the final design that was shown in the film. Lexus apparently paid $5 million to be able to market the design in addition to gifting Speilberg a $62,000 Lexus SC 430 convertible.

 1976 AMC Pacer from Waynes World (1992)

The only high tech gadget that this classic car had going for it was a red liquorice dispenser on the interior roof (and technically that was in sequel) but the iconic flames painted on the sides resonated with many a struggling artiste of the 90’s. As far as car scenes go in movies, the legendary Bohemian Rhapsody sing along has become a cultural touchstone!

1968 Mini Cooper from the Italian Job (1969)

These cheeky little cars were brought to life by Michael Caine and his motley crew as they race around Turin and take on a number of death-defying capers and stunts in a bid to make it out of the city with a cool 4 million dollars in tow. The remake in 2003 featured the Mini Cooper S, but there is something about the classic version that we hold dear!

1986 GMC Vandura from The A-Team (2010)

When this 80’s classic was remade into a movie, reviews were mixed but fans loved seeing the updated version of the A-Team van.  A 1994 Chevrolet G20 that was heavily customised was used in the feature film but it did retain the trademark black body with a red stripe.

 1992 Ford Explore XLT from Jurassic Park (1993)

The Ford Explore makes our list due to its amazing paint job and the fact that it has a windscreen strong enough to fend off a hungry T-Rex! Did you know that the famous scene where the glass of water on the dashboard ripples, foreshadowing the T-Rex’s arrival, was one of the hardest effects to acheive in the whole movie? The night before shooting was due to take place the special effect team managed to create it using guitar strings.


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