Detailing your car like a pro

When opening the door of your car unleashes a lethal odour of old takeaway food, smelly trainers and there is more rubbish than floor space clearly visible it can be tempting to start researching new cars rather than actually dealing with the mess that is steadily accumulating on and in your car.

Professional car detailers are available to handle the mess but you might be surprised at how effectively you can detail the interior of your own vehicle using everyday cleaning supplies and items you have in the house.

Get rid of the rubbish first! The psychological feeling of dread you get when looking at a messy car can be taken down notch or two by breaking the job into more manageable chunks rather than attempting to do everything at once. Try removing all the rubbish one day and then tackle stains and smells the next day.   When getting rid of the rubbish push back the chairs and open all the little nooks and crannies so you truly get everything cleaned out including the detritus that accumulates in the boot.

Once the rubbish is out, use rubber gloves or a rubber squeegee to get any hair out of the upholstery. If you regularly transport your pets in your vehicle you may be surprised (or appalled) by the sheer volume of hair that appears. What you will want to do is mist some water over the area and then get to work with rubbing the rubber gloves or squeegee over the affected areas. The hair should ball up into clumps that you can then easily vacuum up.

Get questionable stains out of car seats by washing them with a light soapy solution. If you have fabric seats you may want to invest in (or borrow) a carpet cleaner that has a handheld upholstery attachment to get a really good clean. If you have leather seats take a toothbrush to the stitching to get up the grime that accumulates there. A magic eraser is ideal for removing scuffs and mysterious sticky substances and stains from the back of chairs, vinyl, leather and often your dashboard too. Rub a little olive oil onto your dashboard to condition the surface and make it shine.

Use dry brush to get the dust all of the vents in the car. Use a handheld vacuum or hose attachment to vacuum up the dust as you pull it out of the vents. Once your vents are sparkling change out the air filters in your vehicle. It should elminate any lingering food smells as well as making your air system much more efficient. Don’t forget to run the vacuum over the car floor to pick up any stray crumbs!

Take some time to follow these suggestions and you will have what feels like a new car in no time!

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